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Meet Sadie! Our Humane Society Rescue!

Unrelated to weight loss or the Navy, Michelle and I have been contemplating adopting a dog from the animal shelter. After a few weeks of tossing the idea around, we decided to plunge right into it!

I am somewhat of a sensitive guy, and I wanted to take all of the dogs home. I was talking to an adoption rep from the Humane Society and she said they get 60-80 dogs per day,and that is just in a small city like Knoxville – population 200k or so. They have to euthanize many dogs, which breaks my heart.

We decided we wanted an older dog, kind of give one a second chance you know? Especially after hearing one couple going down the kennels and the woman saying to her husband, “Oh this one is 6 months… too old.” Are you kidding me? I wanted to vomit when I heard that. How is a 6 month old puppy too old? There are many great older dogs who need just as much, if not more, love than a puppy. Such as the one we found.

We instantly fell inlove with Sadie. She is a 5 year old Pug/mix mutt with the prettiest silver/gray/brown brindle coat, who had a serious case of heartworm. She was getting passed up by many people, and it was heartbreaking. She was in a corner cage in the rear of the facility, surely one step closer to being euthanized. The crazy thing was, a local business donated the money for her heartworm treatment last month and her adoption fee which covers spay/neuter, first round of rabies shots, microchip, and a voucher for first vet visit of our choice. Yet, everyone seemed to want to forget about her.

Michelle and I immediately fell inlove. They let us interract with her in a separate room and she was very scared at first. She would slowly come to either of us when we motioned for her, and she would gently creep into our laps. When you raised your hand up to pet her, she was started wincing and leaning away from you, as if bracing herself for a barrage of beatings. It makes me wonder just how badly she had been beaten. We wanted her.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to pick her up until Monday late afternoon. We will also be taking her to the vet on Tuesday for her first appointment! We are very excited and can’t wait to bring her home!

In keeping with the “Pay It Forward” theme, I have also decided to pay the adoption fee for another older dog there that doesn’t seem to have a chance that we can’t bring home. Even though we didn’t have to pay anything for Sadie, we were still prepared to pay the fee. So when we go to pick her up tomorrow, I will hopefully give another dog a second chance it so much deserves!

And of course once we get Sadie home tomorrow evening, be sure to check back for more pictures!