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Navy IFA #1

I figured since I am measuring myself on a weekly basis for weight loss, I must try to meet another standard.

Before each navy recruit is allowed to ship off to boot camp in the Great Lakes, he/she must pass what is called the Navy IFA, or the Navy Initial Fitness Assessment. What this does it ensure that each recruit is able to meet a certain level of fitness before shipping off to boot camp to increase the success rates of new recruits. If you are not able to pass the IFA prior to leaving for boot camp, you will not go.

Now, there are two brackets I could fall under, depending on how my progression lasts. There are standards for the 20-24 year old bracket, and the 25-29 year old bracket. I will strive for the first one, since it is a little bit harder and optimistically, I would atleast like to be in DEP while I am 24.

There are three components to the Navy IFA. There is a timed 1.5 mile run, which may be completed by running/walking. You must do as many pushups as possible in 2 minutes and may only rest in the “up” position, and as many situps as possible in 2 minutes with rest.

Navy IFA Minimum Standards

Male Age 20-24
1.5 Mile Run 13:30
Push-ups 37
Sit-ups 46

And my results are as followed:

Navy IFA #1 12/04/10 My Results Minimum Standards
1.5 Mile Run 23:25 13:30
Push-ups 18 37
Sit-ups 21 46

Obviously I have some work to do. But I am not dissuaded at all. I had actually started doing some jogging about a month ago, and have noted improvement. When I first started I could barely jog 100 yds before I had to slow down. When I ran this IFA on Saturday, I was able to jog 1/2 mile without stopping. That is pretty good progress I would say!

I plan on doing this fitness assessment every Saturday, so stay tuned for results!