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Quick Low Calorie Meals – The Playbook!

One of the things that Tyler talks about over on 344pounds.com is to have some sort of “go to” low calorie dishes that are quick and simple to make. I believe this is an exceptional idea and is key to managing a healthy and proper lifestyle!

Let’s face it, with today’s fast paced environment and the stresses we endure at work, the last thing we all want to do is go home and cook. It can be tiresome, long, and frankly… time consuming. Sometimes, we feel it may just be easier to eat the 700 calorie burger and fries from the local fast food joint. I know, I have done it before. In fact, the night I did that is the single night I can point back to that I did not want to be this person anymore. I literally had a meal that totaled 1100 calories, and wasn’t very satisfying. From that night on, is when I was serious about changing my life.

I like to call these “quick and healthy meals” my Playbook. Having a Playbook is tremendously effective and allows you to craft your lifestyle change around every meal. It gives you an idea of what to go out and purchase at the grocery store, what to pack for lunches the night before.

Think about it, do you think NFL teams go out there and just start orchestrating plays? Even Peyton Manning would fail if he started barking assignments to every player, “Dallas.. you run out 10 yards, and turn right… Pierre, go deep… Center, you blog left. Left guard, block left. Left tackle, double team the guy the guard is blocking.. etc etc”. It would take hours to complete a game, would confuse many of the players, and honestly- it just wouldn’t work. They memorize a Playbook and that is how the succeed. Now apply the same concept to your kitchen- if you go in without an idea of what you want to do, what to defrost, what to cook, etc.. you will only become frustrated and it will be a long night! Creating a playbook  is how you can succeed, just as the pros do in the NFL! It will keep you organized and prepared to save you time and energy! I will outline 3 of my favorite meals in my Playbook for each meal, and offer some tips! These are not sexy or fancy dishes by any means, they are simply my favorite “quick and easy” recipe plans.


Breakfast #1 Yogurt & Banana
Low Fat Lite Yogurt – 80 Calories
Medium Banana (~7 inch) – 100 Calories
Total Calories: 180 Calories

Breakfast #2 Bowl of Cereal
Fiber One Honey Clusters – 160 Calories
1/2 Cup Skin Milk – 40 Calories
Total Calories: 200 Calories

Breakfast #3 Saturday Morning Special
2 Slices Oscar Meyer Turkey Bacon – 70
2 Scrambled Eggs – 200 Calories
Total calories: 270 Calories


Lunch #1 Turkey Sandwich and an Orange
6 Slices of Hillshire Farms Turkey – 50 Calories
2 Slices of Low Cal Wheat Bread – 75 Calories
Yellow Mustard As Desired – 0 Calories
1/4 Sliced up Tomato – 7 calories
1/2 Cup Iceberg Lettuce – 3 Calories
Orange – 85
Total Calories: 220 Calories

Lunch #2 Peanut Butter and Apple Sandwich
2 Slices of Low Cal Wheat Bread – 75 Calories
1 Tablespoon of Peanut Butter – 100 calories
1 sliced skinned apple – 50 Calories
Total Calories: 225 Calories

Lunch #3 Select Harvest Light Soup
1 Can Southwestern Style Vegetable Soup: 50 Calories
10 Low Salt Saltine Crackers – 130 Calories
Total Calories: 180 Calories


Dinner #1 Turkey Breast & Broccoli
1 4oz Turkey Breast – 120 Calories
Any low sodium season, season to taste – 0 Calories
2 Cups of Steamed Broccoli – 50 Calories
Total Calories: 170 Calories

Dinner #2 Turkey Tacos! (2)
1 4oz Turkey Breast sliced into strips – 120 Calories
Any low sodium seasons, season to taste – 0 calories
1 Cup of Iceberg Lettuce – 6 Calories
1/2 Cup Chopped Tomatos – 14 Calories
2 6″ Mission Foods Wheat Tortillas – 160 calories
Total Calories: 300 Calories

Dinner #3 Pork Chop and Green Beans
1 4oz Centercut, Boneless Porkchop – 235 Calories
1 Cup of Steamed Green Beans – 35 Calories
Total Calories: 270 Calories

Those are the top 3 dishes for my meals in my Playbook! Now these may not be your favorite, or may not be the easiest to you. However, they are what work for me. They are all quick, easy, and portable. You may feel free to try some of my meals, or create your own!  The point is you need to find a solid core of foods that you enjoy cooking, enjoy eating, and are quick and easy. It gives you a solid plan for the day and keeps you from making that 1100 calorie pit stop on the way home.

One thing you will also notice, is that I eat a lot of turkey. I rarely ever eat beef, ground beef, etc. Turkey is such a great substitute. For example, 1 4oz slab of Turkey breast is 120 calories, 1.8 grams of fat, and 19 grams of protein. My point here is that, if you can- find a healthier substitute! By substituting healthier options for your meals, you can cut calories significantly. Go for the leaner cuts of meat, steamed vegetables, etc.

One small note, I am an avid supporter of taking a daily multivitamin. I would say a large percentage of the population does not consume the right portions of every food group to get the vital vitamins that your body requires to function properly. I use the Walmart brand Men’s  One a Day equivalent. Has the same amount of vitamins, just 1/4 the price. I paid $3.50 for 100 tablets. If you don’t believe it is necessary, take a look at the supplemental facts of one of these tablets here.

Hopefully, this will get you motivated to generate your own Playbook and get you rolling on an effective and continuous change to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle!

Weigh in Wednesday – Week 2

Success! Total weight this morning? 296 lbs. That is 5 lbs lost in a week!

(I apologize for the bad pictures. I left my phone, i.e camera, at work last night. I could only take them in the mens room here at the office! Will try to replace!)

It has been a couple years since I have been down in the Two hundreds. I know I have a lot to go, but it is still progress!

Counting calories and exercising regularly has done wonders. I have been a Nutritional Label freak this past week, and it has paid off. But the most eye opening thing was the total calories I would consume without even thinking about it! Snacking here, bad meal there, bad meal here. It is truly amazing I am still alive just by looking at the junk I have been putting into my body. Here are some common foods consumed with a surprisingly high caloric value:

  • 2 Table Spoons of Peanut Butter – 200 Calories
  • 1 Large Bagel (123g) – 354 Calories
  • 1 Mini Bag Nacho Cheese Doritos (49.6) – 250 Calories
  • 8 0z Mountain Dew – 110 Calories (imagine how many calories are in a 20oz bottle)

Now this doesn’t mean swear off these foods! Well, the Mountain Dew can go. I would rather eat my calories than drink them. But the thing is, this past weekend.. Pizza. Yep, I ate pizza. But I had the nutritional information from the restaurant (Jet’s Pizza … a very awesome pizza place if you are in the Knoxville area) and one square of deep dish pepperoni pizza was 300 calories. Is that high? Yes. But moderation is key! I took ownership of that, and had 2 pieces on Sat and 2 pieces on Sunday. I built that into my daily caloric limit. My point is, I am not on a diet. I am simply changing the way I eat. I still eat what I want to eat, when I want to eat it. I simply choose healthier options and if I do eat unhealthy foods, I account for it in my diet and enjoy it in moderation!

The point is, you need to be AWARE of what you eat and account for it. Make a conscience decision about the things you put into your body. At the end of the day, you are ultimately responsible for you. No one made you eat that entire bag of chocolate sweet sixteen donuts (which btw, is a whopping total of 1226 calories at 230 calories per 3 donuts). Which yes, I have sadly done before. Sadly.