IFA #1 – 12/04/10

Navy IFA #1 12/04/10 My Results Minimum Standards
1.5 Mile Run 23:25 13:30
Push-ups 18 37
Sit-ups 21 46

2 responses to “IFA #1 – 12/04/10

  1. This is a really neat way to see where you are at, how much you’ve improved and how much you need to go. Perhaps you should also include your weight in this table? (and make the minimum standard 181, I think that’s right). I bet you’ll work up to doing the 46 situps in no time – practice a few minutes every day! All the best to you 🙂

  2. As far as the navy Performance Fitness Assessment goes, If you are like myself.. and you are relatively short (5’9″) the maximum weight is 181-ish? but if you weigh over that they will perform a “Rope-and-Choke” / Bodyfat Composition Assessment. get a tape measure and measure the diameter of your neck and then the diameter of your waist (at the bellybutton) and then subtract the diameter of your neck and per the navy’s instruction it must be 22% or lower to be “within standards”. once you get to the fleet, you will be given the choice to either run the mile and a half, swim a certain distance, use an elliptical, or use a stationary bike. I prefer the bike to be honest but its all about preference. hope your weight loss is going well.

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